Home Insurance Indianapolis

Your a homeowner or a prospective homeowner and you need home insurance in Indianapolis, now what?  Homeowners insurance in Indianapolis is not that simple what type of policy do you need, HO-3, HO-5, HO-6, HO4 what does all of this mean?  Most home insurance in Indianapolis is written on an HO-3 special form policy which means that all perils are coverered except what is excluded in the policy.  What does this mean to the person that doesn't write insurance for a living, well when your policy comes in the mail don't just put it in a drawer, read your exclusions part of your policy.  The exclusions part of your policy will tell you what is not covered, like Flood Insurance Indianapolis, or Earth Quake Insurance Indianapolis, it will even tell you if a fish tank is considered an appliance which would mean you may or may not have coverage if the tank breaks and leaks all over your hard wood floors.  Insurance companies write similar home insurance policies in Indiana but they are not all the same.  Some companies offer better endorsements to cover things like lost or stolen jewelry or water back-up from sewer or drains coverage.  A big thing to look at when you see a quote or declarations page for home inurance Indianapolis is how is your roof structure being covered, is it Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost, this could be the difference between you getting $10,000 dollars to replace your roof or $3,000 dollars.  A lot of insurance companies have gone to percentage deductibles on homeowners insurance in the Indianapolis area which could mean even further out of pocket costs for you in the event of a claim.  If your replacement cost on your home is $340,000 then you would have a $3,400 deductible if you had a claim.  Most people when they are informed of this are not aware of this and state "this is what the agent gave me."  Burns Family Inurance offers courtesy reviews of your home insurance with no expectation for you to write your insurance with us at all.  Another area where gaps in coverage are normally found are with insufficient or no water-back up coverage.  If you have a home that has a crawlspace or basement in Indiana you should definately have some amount of water-backup coverage.  We recommend at a minimum on a fully finished basement $25,000 in coverage.  I know home insurance in Indianapolis can be confusing so let the professional staff at Burns Family Insurance assist you.


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